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I'm big into DIY projects and finding ways to improve things, saving time and money. Quite frankly, I'm tired of paying for overpriced junk and for other people's mistakes. If I'm going to pay for anyone's mistakes, they should be my own. If you agree, then click the above image for all sorts of ingenious ideas.

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Around House

I have found a plethora of ideas, tips, tricks and general information to help make life easier while also making it more rewarding. Nowadays, it's difficult to ensure that the quality of your life will be what you had hoped, especially considering how busy people have become. It's safe to say that we've all had that feeling like you never have enough time in the day to get everything done.

What most don't realize is that it's easier than they think to just slow down and shift their focus back to the quality of their lives. It's merely a matter of the choices one makes -- what you choose to do as opposed to what others choose for you. Parents especially find their schedules dominated by the goings-on of their children's lives, but, for the most part in the cases of older children, that's because the parents chose to let their children choose for them.

While it's a good thing that children are involved in extracurricular activities, there is such a thing as too much. For example, I was an athlete growing up and was into swimming, gymnastics, softball and basketball. However, I only got involved in basketball through school and softball through a local little league. If I would have joined swimming and gymnastics teams, too, then my grades, family life, and social life would have suffered.

I made that choice myself because my parents were good about drawing boundaries and I learned from them over the years. Outside of sports, I also wanted to learn how to play the violin and piano and I wish I would have now, but I was a serious tomboy, so sports was my obvious choice. LOL I at least made sure to study Office Education and computers in high school so I had a marketable skill upon graduating and it has served me well over the years.

My point is that it's up to us to draw boundaries -- for ourselves as well as our children. It's about making smarter choices rather than letting life and others run away with us, making those choices for us. Yes, life can get in the way at times, but if you've made smarter choices and drew some boundaries, it wouldn't be so disruptive. We need to take control of our lives at least to the point at which we CAN control it.

The first step towards gaining some control is realizing that you can't please everybody and you can't be everything to everybody. That's not to say that you can't be or do many things, but you do have to draw a line somewhere for your own sanity's sake -- not to mention for the sake of the quality of your life.

One way to help you get back to the basics is by practicing basic life functions -- cooking a meal from scratch rather than relying on overpriced processed foods that are bad for us and spending the time and money to make your own clothes, decorations or even furniture rather than paying for overpriced junk that you'll end up having to replace rather soon because you didn't get your money's worth. Those kinds of things.

This is even something you can do WITH (and not just FOR) your children, which will certainly teach them better values than being handed everything they want. Before you know it, both you and your loved ones will be enjoying life more because it's much more rewarding.

So that's what this section is for -- providing a slue of recipes, crafting ideas, and other DIY projects to try. There's even a section on growing your own food, which will be much healthier for you and your family while also giving you something to be proud of -- something that will improve the quality of your life on multiple levels. So why not give these a try? Just click on a category and you'll see all sorts of related categories you may find of interest.

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