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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Full Instructions for Using the Jigsaw Puzzle App

Rather than repeat the same information over and over again with each daily jigsaw puzzle that's posted, I figured I'd provide the complete instructions for using the puzzle app in one place. It's extremely easy to use, but you may not be aware of all of the options available, so the following describes every feature available:

Menu || Located at the top-left of the screen. It includes the options to pull pieces apart, change background color, and mute sound, in that order. To access the menu, simply click on "Menu" and then click it again to close it.

Preview || Located at the top-right of the screen. To view a preview of the completed puzzle to help with solving, simply click the preview box. To close the preview box, just click it again.

Hint || The light bulb icon located at the bottom-left of the screen will provide a hint. I've never used it, so am not sure how it works, but just click on the light bulb to give it a try if you need to.

Edges Only || The icon to the right of the light bulb icon at the bottom-left of the screen. Clicking on this icon will remove all of the center pieces of the puzzle so only the edges will be visible. Once you've finished getting all of the edges in place, the rest of the pieces will automatically appear. I personally love this option because it's how I've always done puzzles -- starting with the edges first. I just don't have to go hunting through the box for them all. LOL

Fullscreen || The square icon with 4 arrows pointing toward each other at the bottom-right of the screen. This option makes the puzzle fill the full screen so you can see everything a lot easier -- another option I always use. To exit fullscreen mode, just hit the "Esc" key on your keyboard or click the icon again.

Pause || Located to the left of the time on the bottom-left of the screen. This option is for those who like to time themselves. Since I can now post more difficult puzzles (200-500 pieces), it will take longer to solve each one and you may not want to spend the time it takes to solve it all at once, so you can use the pause button to stop the timer.

If you're not concerned with timing yourself, then there's no need to pause it as the timer will just keep counting. Either way, you can have the puzzle to work on throughout the day when you take breaks from doing everything you need to do for the day. That's what I do -- and I do like to time myself, so this pause option comes in handy.

Zoom In/Zoom Out || Located to the right of the Menu option at the top-left of the screen. I've never had a use for this feature, but it will zoom in and out, making the pieces larger or smaller. The problem with this feature is that if they get too large for the screen, it will hide the pieces on the edges. So, I just use the Fullscreen mode mentioned above.

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